Moira Adams was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1994 – around the same time as the Scottish Breast Cancer Campaign was founded. At 42 years of age, her main concern in 1994 was the lack of comprehensive information on all aspects of breast cancer. Leaflets available to patients at that time were aimed at compliant and elderly ladies who were not expected to ask any difficult questions about treatment options, survival statistics, life time risks or primary prevention.  She joined the Board in 1995 to help educate women and promote the ethos of “informed consent”. She has been a very active campaigner, questioning the over emphasis on diet and lifestyle and the lack of emphasis on environmental risks.

During her time on the Campaign, Moira has helped to run her family business as well as being a mother and grandmother. Her worklife flexibility allows her to attend Conferences, Workshops and Committees, enhancing her knowledge and promoting the work of the Campaign. She has also spent 6 years as a non-executive member of NHS Fife Health Board, bringing a legislative perspective to her campaigning work. Her enthusiasm has never waned.

Miriam has had a varied career working for both large and small businesses. She is currently working as Business Development Manager at Queen Margaret University where she is responsible for academic and industry engagement and for supporting student and graduate entrepreneurship. Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002 Miriam suffered for a number of years with chronic pain as a result of her mastectomy before being diagnosed with Post Mastectomy Pain syndrome  and treated in the Pain Clinic at the Western General Hospital, Edinburgh. Keen to ensure that others do not suffer like she did, Miriam is keen to raise awareness of the condition and so she joined the board of Challenge Breast Cancer Scotland to campaign for better services and after care for all who have suffered from breast cancer.

Fiona has had a varied career path working for both public service and voluntary sector employers, and is currently employed by Fife Council as a teacher of Chemistry and Science. She has had a long experience working as a volunteer on various Boards, and has been a Trustee of Challenge Breast Cancer Scotland, where she has held the office of Treasurer, since 2009.

Diagnosed with breast cancer and lymphoedema in 2007, she was keen to find support from suitable organisations. It was at an event organised by a well-known breast cancer charity that she met two Board members from the (then) Scottish Breast Cancer Campaign and was struck by the intelligence and challenge in their questions to the speaker. This was clearly not an organisation who pandered to ‘received wisdom’!

She joined the Board not long after and is delighted to still be part of a member-led organisation advocating for better services for women and men with breast cancer in Scotland.

Gail Logan is the newest member of our team having joined the Board in 2018.  She hasn’t been diagnosed with Breast Cancer herself but is finding that a number of her close friends have been.  Sadly, she is finding that Breast Cancer in younger women seems to be particularly aggressive.  Having seen her aunt and fellow board member Moira Adams being diagnosed over 25 years ago she is disappointed and somewhat frustrated that in all that time not much seems to have changed in terms of primary prevention.  She believes it is time to put this firmly on the agenda and for there to be better information made available on the modifiable risks.  She is particularly passionate about providing easy and affordable access to ‘clean and safe’ products free from harmful chemicals and hormones.

Gail has spent many years working in the technology sector, most recently as Director of Customer Care for Adobe.  She set up her own business in 2016, Kore Transformation, and now enables organisations to thrive by igniting the passion and potential of their people.  She is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and a Licensed Investors in People Specialist.  Gail sits on the leadership team of Girl Geek Scotland who support women to advance their careers in digital technology and advocate within the industry on diversity and inclusion.  

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